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UPDATE: Week 1 of the course will be in-studio, followed by 3 weeks on Zoom.

All students are welcome to borrow a yoga mat if needed & you will get a free class pass on completion

of the course to use in-studio when we reopen again!

Walking into a yoga studio for the first time might seem a little dauting, so it’s nice to start at the beginning with a group of fellow newbie yogis

- make friends & support each other on your yoga journey!

Our 4-week course will give you a great foundation. You’ll learn:

  • Breathwork for meditation & mindfulness, as well as how to link breath & movement

  • Sun salutations to warm the body up

  • Basic standing, seated & balancing postures that you can practice at home

  • Safe alignment & modifications for your own body


After the course you will feel confident to attend any of the yoga classes currently on offer here at Loti. So, come along if you’d like to start your

yoga journey in a fun and friendly environment. We can’t wait to meet you!

TIMES: Tuesdays 1815-1900

DATES: Tuesday 3rd-24th

PRICE: £27

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