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Here are the details of the changes we will be making in order to comply with government guidelines

& protect your health at the studio during the pandemic.

We have a 5-Part Promise in place to keep you as protected as possible whilst in the studio,

and we request that you follow a 5-part promise when attending a class too.

Our 5-Part Promise

Reduced class sizes

We will be limiting the number of people in a class to 7.


Social distancing

We will be marking out spaces for your yoga mat, with 1.5 metres between each mat.


Temperature checks

We will be taking your temperature upon arrival. If it measures 37.8 or above, unfortunately,

you will be unable to attend the class & will not be refunded.


Additional cleaning & hygiene protocols

We will be thoroughly cleaning the studio between classes. We will be providing hand sanitiser

& equipment sanitiser for you to use before & after class.


Cleaner air

The windows will be opened between classes for additional ventilation.

We will run an air purifier at all times.  

Your 5-Part Promise

Book online

There will be no drop-ins allowed, so make sure you book your class online.


Be healthy

If you feel at all unwell, whether your symptoms are Covid-related or otherwise, please do not attend your class.

You can reschedule via the website.


Bring your own mat

If you can, please bring your own equipment, mat, block & strap. If you do not have a mat or block you can

borrow one at the studio, but we request that you bring a towel to cover any equipment you use.

Any shared equipment will be thoroughly cleaned between uses.


Clean your hands

Please use the hand sanitiser provided upon entering & leaving the studio, and utilise the hand-washing facilities.


Be timely

Please arrive between 5-10 minutes before class & leave the studio after class in a timely manner.

If you wish to have a chat with other members, we request you do so outside.



You may wear a face mask if you wish, but it isn’t compulsory.

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